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Bearing installation, maintenance, and disassembly control points, and the life span is tripled!

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The installation of the bearing directly affects the accuracy, life and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly of the bearing should be fully studied in accordance with the following operating specifications:(1) Clean the bearing and its rela…

The installation of the bearing directly affects the accuracy, life and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly of the bearing should be fully studied in accordance with the following operating specifications:

(1) Clean the bearing and its related parts;

(2) Check the size and finishing environment of related parts;

(3) Installation (just before opening the bearing package);

(4) Inspection after the bearing is installed;

(5) Provide lubricants.
Ordinary grease lubrication, without cleaning, directly filled with grease. Lubricating oil is lubricated, and cleaning is not usually necessary. However, the bearings for instruments or high-speed applications should be cleaned with clean oil to remove the anti-rust agent coated on the bearings. Bearings with anti-rust agent removed are easy to rust, so they should not be left unattended. In addition, bearings that have been sealed with grease can be used directly without cleaning.

The installation method of the bearing varies depending on the bearing layout, matching and other conditions. Generally speaking, because of the shaft torsion, the inner ring needs an interference fit. Cylindrical bore bearings are usually pressed in with a press or hot-fitting method. Where the taper hole is located, install it directly on the taper shaft or install it with a sleeve.

Method of pressing in with a press for installing cylindrical bore bearings

Small bearings are widely used in press-fitting methods. Pad the spacer block into the inner ring, and press it statically with a press until the inner ring is in close contact with the shoulder of the shaft. Mounting the outer ring with a spacer block to install the inner ring is the cause of indentation and crushing on the raceway, so it is not allowed.

When operating, you can apply oil to the mating surface in advance. As a last resort, hit the installation place with a hammer, and put a block on the inner ring. This method is only limited to the environment with small interference, and cannot be used for large interference, or medium and large bearings.

For non-separable bearings such as deep groove ball bearings, the inner ring and outer ring need to be installed in a place where interference is required, and the inner ring and the outer ring are pressed in at the same time with a spacer block. The outer ring of self-aligning ball bearing is easy to skew, even if it is not an interference fit, it is installed with a spacer.

For separable bearings such as cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings, the inner ring and outer ring can be installed on the shaft and housing respectively. When the inner ring and the outer ring are connected, the link is stable. Ground the two together so that the center of the two does not deviate. Forced pressing will cause jamming of the raceway surface.

(2) Hot loading method

Large bearings require a lot of force when pressed in, so it is very difficult to press in. Therefore, the hot-fitting method of heating the bearing in oil to stretch it and then mounting it on the shaft is widely used. By applying this method, it is possible to realize the operation in a short time without adding improper force to the bearing.

The heating temperature of the bearing is based on the bearing size and the required interference. Precautions related to the hot pretend industry are as follows:

(a) Do not heat the bearing above 120°C;

(b) In order to prevent the bearing from directly contacting the bottom of the oil tank, consider placing the bearing on a metal mesh table or hoisting the bearing;

(c) Heat the bearing to 20°C-30°C higher than the required temperature, so that the inner ring does not become cold during operation and it is difficult to install;

(d) After installation, the bearing cools down and shrinks in the width direction. Therefore, a shaft nut or other suitable method should be used to tighten it to prevent cracks between the inner ring and the bearing shoulder.
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